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March 19

Program:  "Propagating Gesneriads"—Nancy Crites

Refreshments:  Mary Helen Maran, Carol Ann Burrell

         April 2-3:                

  GreenFest 2016—Plant Park on the University of Tampa campus

April 9-10:

  USF Spring Plant Festival—USF Botanical

Gardens, Tampa 

April 16

Program:  Growing Gesneriads in the Ground in Florida— Carol Ann Burrell, Mollie Howell, Barbara Matthews

Refreshments:  Cindy Smith, Dennis Smith

April 23-24: 

  Green Thumb Festival—Walter Fuller

Recreation Center, St. Petersburg

May 21

Program:  "Episcias"—Thad Scaggs      

Refreshments:  Jerry O’Keefe, Nancy Crites

June 18

Program:   "Creating a Natural Garden"—Mary Lou Harden

Refreshments:  Kelly Ates, Nancy & Jerry Kast

July 5-9: 

 The Gesneriad Society 60th Annual Convention,

Wilmington, Delaware

July 16

Program:  Helpful Hints for Growing Gesneriads—All Members

Refreshments:  Bob Cameron, Jay Sespico

August 20

Program TBA

Refreshments:  Sharon Pilot, Marian Yeager

September 10

 USF Gesneriad Celebration—USF Botanical                 Gardens, Tampa

September 17

Program:   "Diastema, Phinaea, & Amalophyllon”— Kelly Ates  

Refreshments:  Barbara Matthews, Mollie Howell 

* Nominating committee appointed

October 8-9: 

  USF Fall Plant Festival— USF Botanical

Gardens, Tampa

October 15

Program:  Gesneria”—Jay Sespico

Refreshments:  Lana Franklin, Mary Helen Maran

* Nominating committee report

November 19

Program:  Petrocosmea”—Paul Susi 

Refreshments:  Tom Schaefer, Jeanne Katzenstein

* Election of new officers

December 17:

  "Christmas Party"—5:00 PM

At the home of Nancy and Jerry Kast


January 21

Program:  TBA

Refreshments:  Kim Conklin, Carol Ann Burrell

* Dues are due

February 9-20:

  Florida State Fair

March 18

Program:  TBA

Refreshments:  Jo Anne Martinez, Phyllis King


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